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Phone: 4773 4100 

Oscar Zechner -  0412 332 899


 Ala Carte Menu Available:                                                                          Bistro Menu Available:

Wednesday and Thursday  6pm to 10pm                                                      Wednesday and Thursday 12 noon to 8.30pm

Friday and Saturday 12 noon to 10pm                                                           Friday and Saturday 12 noon to 6pm

Sunday 12 noon to 10pm                                                                               Sunday - Not Available.

Jagerstubn Ala Carte Menu


Home-made garlic bread with sour cream                                                     
Langosh mit saft                                   
Home-made garlic bread served with goulasch sauce                                     
Crumbed Mushrooms (v)                         
Viennese style with tartar sauce                                                                     
Cabbage Rolls                                       
Filled with mince meat, fresh herbs and rice                                                      
Camembert Cheese (v)                           
Crumbed and served with cranberry sauce                                                         
Sauteed Chicken Livers                           
With port wine glaze and streamed rice                                                                
Veal & Pork Rissoles                              
With pepper sauce and mescaline leaves                                                             
Smoked Salmon Salad                            
With potato, onion, capers, fresh lemon and dill                                                               
Salt and Pepper Squid                             
Dashed with mild chili sauce and sided with mixed salad leaves                 


Spinach Spaetzle (v)                                      
Baked house made egg pasta with spinach, fresh herbs, emmenthaler cheese and side salad    
Haschee Knodel                                                              
Austrian meat dumplings encased in potato, served with sauerkraut                                    
Pork Goulasch                                                  
Hungarian style slow braised Pork stew, served with spaetzle                                            
Viennese style freshly crumbed pork or chicken fillet with fresh lemon and potato salad                              
German Sausage Plate                                 
Variety of three sausages with mustard, mixed salads and bread                                                            
Roast Pork Knuckle                                        
Served with bread dumpling, sauerkraut, crackling and natural gravy                                                      
Roast Chicken Breast Paupiette                
Minced breast fillet with herbs and spices, sided with vegetables and white wine cream sauce  
Paprika Chicken                                                               
Chicken breast fillet sautéed with paprika sauce and served with spaetzle                          
Gypsy Platter                                                    
Pork and Chicken Schnitzel, Crumbed Mushrooms, Kranksy, Fried Potato and mixed Salad          
Roast Duck                                                         
Half a roast duck with house made red cabbage, bread dumpling and jus                                                             
Pork Knuckle, kransky, smoked pork loin, sauerkraut, crackling and bread dumpling                        
Beef Eye Fillet                                                  
Tender grain fed beef medallions served with vegetables and a choice of mushroom or pepper Sauce       
Jager Platter (minimum two persons)    
THE FULL EXPERIENCE!!! Selection of meats, sausages, entrée, crackling, salads and sides            
 Per head


Bread Roll                           
Bread Dumpling                               
Red Cabbage                    
Fried Potatoes                 
Mixed Salad                      


Apple Strudel                                                   
Served warm with fresh cream                                                                                 
Hot Love                                                             
Warm raspberry coulis poured over vanilla ice cream                                     
Mixed Gelato                                                   
Assorted flavours of ice-cream with a chocolate wafer                                  
Crème Brulee                                                   
Served with a side of blueberry compote                                                            
Crepe Suzette                                                  
Crepes filled with pastry cream and coated with orange liqueur                
Please ask wait staff for our selection of house-made dessert specials


Short Black/ Long Black/ Macchiato/ Cappuccino/ Flat White                       
Latte/ Mocha/ Vienna Coffee                                                                                   
Mug of Coffee                                                                                                                 
Pot of English Breakfast/ Peppermint/ Cammomile Tea                                
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows 


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